There are two main types of products.

We use our experience to carefully select products from those already available in the world, and our original products are carefully designed over a period of time.

Although we only have around 20 products, we aim to be an online shop where you can take your time to browse each item, as if you were having a conversation with the shop owner.

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01_Message from the Owner

When I worked at an interior design shop, I was often consulted by customers who had purchased designer furniture and felt that something was missing. I had a stylish collection of furniture and wondered why. After a few years, I realized that there were many other items that I had chosen because I thought "this is good enough." That was exactly what I was doing. This is what made me decide to start oh. I want to reduce the number of "this is good enough" items . I aim to be a shop where you can find "this is great." Hiroshi Murakami

After the COVID-19 pandemic, what we need in our lives now is not functionality or a sense of superiority, but " whether it touches the heart ." Many such objects have similar characteristics. They are not eccentric, but have a gentle beauty that makes the eyes water. And they have a story that inspires a sense of familiarity, and when you use or look at them, they reflect your true self. Right now, we feel like we want to live with such objects. Wada Kenji

02_Time-consuming original products

Development of an original product at oh can take as little as six months, or as long as two years. We carefully survey the world, create a concept from scratch, select a designer, and begin production.

You might be thinking that it's taking much longer than you expected to complete the project, but in fact, about half of the development period is the time that the project is actually being used.

After making it and using it for a while, I thought, "Hmm."
I made some improvements, used it for a while, and then thought, "Hmm."

Repeat this.

We keep using products until we get the intuition that "this is it." This is oh's approach to creating products.
I'm sorry we can't release them one after another.

There is nothing that can be done about this.

04_About the package design

Package design is important as it determines the impression people have when they first encounter an item.

On the other hand, it is also true that once the main product has been removed, there is a high probability that the item will end up as waste.

At oh, we choose to spend as little as possible on things that would otherwise become waste. However, instead of settling for simple packaging and saying "this is good enough," we use reusable materials to create products that make people think "this might be good enough."

The materials used can be used for personal use, or as small gifts. After you've finished selling the items, you can reuse them as cushioning material when shipping items on Mercari or Yahoo! Auctions.

We deliver this product in a package that perfectly balances these two needs.
Of course, ready-made products with good packaging design will remain the same.

  • Hiroshi Murakami

    Born in 1977, he learned how to create websites at a design production company, then fell in love with the Eames chair and joined the staff of the interior shop Vanilla. For 16 years, he has mainly worked in online shop management, as a buyer and in charge of developing original products. In 2022, he started his own company, oh.

  • Kenji Wada

    Concept designer. Born in 1980, spent his childhood in London. Studied conceptual design under Droog Design's Gijs Bakker at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Completed his master's degree (MD) at the same graduate school. After working at a major advertising agency, he founded a design research institute specializing in concept making. In 2022, he joined oh as a founding member.