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A blend of Japanese and Western style with matte plastic

Ano spoon

Ano spoon

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Width x length x height weight
3.3cm x 19.3cm x 1.6cm approximately 15g


Household dishwasher →
(Please refrain from using a commercial dishwasher due to the high temperature)

Do not wash using a metal scrubber.

Material: Heat-resistant ABS resin (plastic) Heat-resistant temperature 110 degrees

Surface coating: Urethane coating







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Stress-free with plastic spoons

A spoon that combines ease of use and design

We considered various materials, including wood and stainless steel, but ended up choosing plastic .
When we hear the word plastic, it's easy to get the impression that it's not a good thing, but it's just not a good idea to throw it away naturally , and there's no doubt that it's a very good material.
Making this spoon design out of wood will avoid creating thin sections that will crack or warp with repeated washing and drying. Of course, you can't use the dishwasher either.
The charm of plastic spoons

I think if it were made from stainless steel, it would be a fairly heavy spoon and would be difficult to use. Also, the weight might damage the dishes. Furthermore, if you use it for hot dishes, it will become hot and difficult to eat.
The plastic spoon eliminates the disadvantages of wooden and stainless steel and takes advantage of the good things. It has the gentle feel and lightness of wood, and is also dishwasher safe.

Make spoons with cafe-like colors and shapes at home

A modern redesign of commercial aesthetics

I've been searching for an easy-to-use spoon for several years. The answer lies in commercial saji. However, all of the items that were in circulation were Japanese-style items that you would find at a Japanese restaurant. We have reviewed and redesigned the details to make it easier to use at home.
With a familiar shape that you've probably owned at least once, and a coloring similar to that used in cafes, it can be used in a wide range of situations, from meals to desserts. The ``a'' in that spoon is the ``a'' that you might have seen at that store .

Only 15g. A light and thin spoon is just the thing.

Tapered spoons are very easy to eat

One plate
The finished product is a two-color spoon weighing just 15g. Even children can easily handle it.
The color is stainless steel gray, which fits easily in Western food settings . And wood beige, a wood color that gently harmonizes with any tableware color . Finished with a maple-like brightness.
The shape of that spoon
The texture is a smooth matte finish .
The point is that the tip is tapered and the recess of the spoon itself is shallow, so you don't have to open your mouth wide. Of course, it is also dishwasher safe. (Please refrain from using a commercial dishwasher due to the high temperature)

For tacos

Things, photos, and daily life

Try recreating Okinawan Kijimuna's omuta rice

It turned out that this shop also used spoons of the same shape.

Weighs 15 grams (equivalent to 15 1-yen coins), so even children can easily handle it.

Compatibility with STIIK
STIIK chopsticks and Cinderella fit

The encounter is at a beef bowl restaurant
It all started here, the gyudon spoon


"I'm glad I left it as is, Sukiya's Akasaji."

As I got older, even though I used to be a Yoshinoya fan, I gradually started to prefer lighter flavors, and before I knew it, I was choosing Kasukiya. Eating gyudon with a spoon felt strange at first, but now I enjoy it without any hesitation. Getting used to something is a scary thing.
The other day, I found out that the beloved Sukiya spoon, also known as Akasaji, had been renewed, and it caused an uproar. When I contacted friends in various places, it seems that the new ones have been replaced in the city center, but not yet in the rural areas. After receiving comments such as ``It's easier for new customers to eat curry'' and ``I have both! lol'', I decided to find out which one is easier to use. In the end, the older one wins. Since the shape is shallow and the tip is thin, if there are large ingredients, it may not be balanced well, but it feels like it's just the right amount for the amount that fits in your mouth. I wonder why they made it new...What a waste.
Although the original company has changed, that spoon from oh is designed in the same way as it was back then. Things that are easy to use remain the same, no matter whether it rains, the wind blows, or the times change.

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  • 春の筍と、あのマルチボウル

    インバウンド・タケノコ <あのマルチボウル編>

    今年は筍が豊作のようです。 なので、いつもより安い値段で買えます。春を感じるには、最高の食材。 もうすぐスーパーからも消えてしまうので、今のうちにニョキッと確保しておきたい所。焼いても煮ても、炙っても美味しい筍で 今夜は土鍋で炙り筍ご飯。

    インバウンド・タケノコ <あのマルチボウル編>

    今年は筍が豊作のようです。 なので、いつもより安い値段で買えます。春を感じるには、最高の食材。 もうすぐスーパーからも消えてしまうので、今のうちにニョキッと確保しておきたい所。焼いても煮ても、炙っても美味しい筍で 今夜は土鍋で炙り筍ご飯。

  • 家タコスのすすめ <あのマルチボウル編>

    家タコスのすすめ <あのマルチボウル編>


    家タコスのすすめ <あのマルチボウル編>


  • 「ちょっとした、○○の違い」<あのオーバルプレート編>





  • サラダはフォークより箸が良い

    僕たちはサラダを箸で食べる民族 <STIIK・あのマルチボウル編>


    僕たちはサラダを箸で食べる民族 <STIIK・あのマルチボウル編>


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