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Masterpiece cutlery that no one else can match

Tsubame Cutlery Bolero (Matte)

Tsubame Cutlery Bolero (Matte)

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Type/Maximum width x length x weight
Spoon/3.7cm x 18.5cm approx. 48g
Fork/3.3cm x 19.0cm approximately 40g
Knife/2.1cm x 21.7cm approximately 55.3g
Tea spoon/2.2cm x 13.5cm approximately 23g
Cake Sfork/1.6cm x 13.7cm approx. 18g


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Material: 18-8 stainless steel

Made in Japan (Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture)

●Frequently asked questions

  • Q: It seems that you won the Long Life Design Award, but who is the designer?
  • A: Apparently the designer is the current chairman of the company that manufactures it (Oizumi Bussan). Apparently it was designed in the 80's and is a masterpiece that has been around for over 40 years. It may soon be possible to call it vintage.







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Beautiful cutlery from Tsubame

Stylish cutlery that doesn't overlap with other people

What is cutlery?

Cutlery is a general term for table knives, forks, spoons, etc. It is an item that you are likely to see when you go to an interior shop. The sight of several types lined up in rows is a sight to behold. There's probably one in every household. It may be considered an indispensable tool in today's diet, or a mainstay of tableware.

A hidden masterpiece that shakes up the standard cutlery

Willow cutlery and bolero
Sori Yanagi's spoon (top) and Boleromat spoon (bottom) that have been used for over 20 years

After many years of searching, I finally found the cutlery that I thought, ``This is it!''
There are certain brands of cutlery that can be considered standard. Cutipol, which is very popular as a gift, and cutlery by Sori Yanagi, which can often be seen in cafes. I have also been using Sori Yanagi cutlery for about 20 years. When I was in my 20s, I thought, ``This is it!'' and chose it, but I started seeing it so often that it started to feel more normal than standard. Inevitably, the feeling of `` I don't want to wear it '' comes up.

The cutipol is also beautiful

Cutipol also has a long history and is very photogenic. I am very attracted to the fact that it is handmade by Portuguese craftsmen. Nowadays, it's so popular that there's not a day when I don't see it on Instagram. But I feel a little full. Maybe it's because I'm so concerned that I find it so often, but my other, evil self, whispers to me, "Is that okay?"
However, it might be a little different to choose something minor.
At times like this, I thought I had no choice but to shut out the world's information and wait until I found something that resonated with me.

What caught my eye was this Bolero cutlery mat from Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture. It has a fairly thin neck (neck part), a beautiful form that makes you want to touch it, and when you actually use it, it feels gentle to the touch and has a good grip. Moderate weight and careful finishing of the edges. The cutlery did not disappoint.
Even though there is no decoration at all, the design is not what you would call safe. From my experience, I feel that this kind of design is one that you will become more and more attached to as you continue to use it .
In fact, it is a masterpiece that is only known to those in the know, and it can be said that it is a masterpiece that is not shared by many people.

Cutlery that you will feel familiar with from the moment you use it.

Cutlery that won the Long Life Design Award

Matte finish cutlery
I get excited when I see shiny cutlery that I just bought. A shiny object with no scratches is somehow divine. However, it is fate that it will get scratched after using it a few times. Cutlery can be said to be tasteful if it has many scratches and has a matte appearance, but it will probably take several years for that to happen.
The cutlery Bolero has a matte finish , so I'm glad that it feels mature from the beginning. The smooth texture and feel of the mat is also addictive. Of course, matte will still cause scratches, but it feels like it's going to look more and more vintage.

Makes everyday meals look a little more luxurious

Good at talking

The design is very simple. It has a streamlined form with no decorations and no straight parts.
Furthermore, spoons have special features that you won't understand until you try them out. He's very articulate. The edge of the part that you put in your mouth, called the spoon jar, is exquisitely cut.
If the meat is tender, it has a sharpness that makes it sharp with a spoon, and that sharpness is also the reason why it feels smooth when eaten. Of course, don't worry, it's not sharp enough to cut your mouth.
The knife has a well-thought-out angle that makes it easy to cut. It has a cute and charming shape, but the sharpness is sharp.

Calorie Bolero mat and that oval plate
It's strange because when such a cutlery bolero (mat) is placed on the table, just like those oval plates , everyday meals look stylish and luxurious .
For meals that require just a spoon, we recommend the oh original spoon , but if you want to use it with a fork and knife, we highly recommend the cutlery bolero (mat).

Everyday life of cutlery bolero

Things, photos, and daily life

Elegant matte cutlery
I think the matte cutlery is very elegant and a good taste selection.

Morning dessert with that oval plate W17 and cake fork

Size of cutlery
The teaspoon and cake fork on both sides are small, as the name suggests.

Matte texture and finish
Moderate thickness and carefully finished edges


Cutlery isn't something that breaks that often.

I started living alone in my mid-20s. I got everything I need for daily life at Hyaku-yen.
However, I wanted the cutlery to be made by Sori Yanagi, a product designer I've always liked. Since they don't break easily , I thought they would last a lifetime, so I took the plunge and bought 5 of each, even though I live alone. That was a huge expense for me at the time.
A few years later, I was shocked to find out that the price had fallen. Oi oi oi! and. It's not the feeling of ``I could have bought it cheaper,'' but the sadness of ``I bought it because I liked it, but the value has gone down.'' After that, I started seeing them in various stores, but I had mixed feelings about them.
Later, when I became in charge of the binding at an interior shop, I encountered a lot of cutlery. On the one hand, I think there are so many options, but on the other hand, I think, "There are so many that I don't understand!" I decided to wait and watch until the antennae of my heart reacted.
A few years later, I fell in love at first sight with a series of vintage cutlery called ``Carvel Hall LEISURE'' designed by designer Irvin Harper of George Nelson. I only bought what I could afford. The small size and cute shape was the key point, but since it's vintage, there are only a limited number of them, and to be honest, it's difficult to use. Sweat (Sorry, Irvin!)
And recently, I came across bolero. I had seen it in catalogs from time to time, but when I first touched it and tried it out, I was impressed by the matte type, and the balance between appearance and usability. What's more, it's made in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, which is next door to Fukushima Prefecture, where I live, which gives me a sense of familiarity and security.

That oval plate, coffee and teaspoon
Goblet cup, that oval plate W20 and teaspoon

I feel excited on days when I am served coffee with a Bolero teaspoon and a brownie with a cake fork! I think people who choose this will be able to get along well. lol
Recommended for use at home as well as for customers.

What I want you to know

Misunderstanding of size and name

Cutlery has a name for each size. In particular, the name "dessert spoon" does not mean that it is for dessert, but rather it is an industry term used for its size.
In Japan, dessert spoons and dessert forks are commonly used for main meals. The larger sizes, called table spoons and dinner forks, are slightly larger. It may be the size of a European or American person.
The Bolero mat lineup only includes dessert spoons and dessert forks. At oh, we avoid adding "dessert" to product names to avoid misunderstandings.

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