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French high-end glass known only to those in the know

Set of 2 thin glass sommelier cups

Set of 2 thin glass sommelier cups

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Width x Depth x Height Weight
9.4cm x 9.4cm x 9.4cm 160g
Capacity: 12.75oz us (approx. 380ml)
Mouth diameter: 7.0cm
Mouth thickness: approx. 1mm
Bottom diameter: 4.8cm

Material: Lead-free crystal glass "Krysta"
Manufacturer: Arc International (Chef & Sommelier)
Made in France


Dishwasher safe

*There may be some scratches, but they are within the range of good quality. Please note.

*Cannot be used for high temperature drinks

*After opening, please wash once before use.

*Stacking not possible







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Glasses that allow your fingers to be positioned naturally

A thin but strong glass. The taste of water, carbonated water, and wine changes.

Because it is a thin glass, it should be handled naturally and carefully.

I'm worried that the thin glass will chip or break easily. On the other hand, have you ever had the experience of accidentally breaking a seemingly durable glass because you use it roughly? In fact, any glass depends on how you handle it.
This glass uses a crystal glass called "Krysta" developed by French company Arc. It is about 30% stronger than regular glass, has extremely high transparency, and is said to have a long-lasting shine.
It is one of the highly rated series that has been officially adopted by sommelier competitions, and brokers who have been handling glass products for many years say that it is a high-quality item that is as good as Japanese-made products and has a good impression.
It feels good to use glasses from such a brand on a daily basis. When you actually use it, it fits into your daily life without any discomfort.
thin glass
Maybe it's because I have a thin mouth, but I can really tell the taste of the drink . This may be because there is little presence of a glass when you sip it.
It's nice to have a shiny new look, but I'm sure it'll look better if it has more scratches and is getting used to it. Like the glasses at a long-established Western restaurant.
Speaking of France, Duralex is famous, and I thought it was really cool to use such a high-quality glass that only those in the know know about and call it a "cup."

In between casual and elegant

Glass series recognized by the Sommelier Association

From left: Dilarex, this glass, and a wine glass
Actually, this cup is kind of amazing. It seems that the International Sommelier Association has officially adopted the same series of wine glasses (pictured on the right). That's the wine glass on the right side of the photo.
The elegant silhouette is unique to a brand from France, a wine powerhouse with such a background.
By removing the stem from a wine glass, it instantly transforms into a more familiar cup. The casual design maintains its beauty and is typical of France. The impression of always being stylish without trying too hard is similar to French fashion.

Learning the word fashion and its charm from my son

A glass cup that struck me as more fashionable than a poop cup.

French cup
Before I knew it, my son started using this glass cup. When I asked him why, he said, "It fits a lot, and it's thin, so it feels good in your mouth. Also, it's stylish! (smiling)."
Perhaps those honest words encouraged me to start selling. (As I will explain later, there was a slight problem with purchasing.)
The word "fashionable" is a little embarrassing, or maybe I've started to feel embarrassed to even say it. What am I trying to be cool about? The best in fashion .
I feel like I remembered something important when I saw my son happily eating breakfast using an oval plate, long chopsticks, and this glass.
Living a fashionable lifestyle is fun . Make yourself and others happy. Not what someone else says is fashionable, but what you think is fashionable. Even without changing your home, car, or furniture, you can still look stylish with a small design. There may be other words for it, but this glass is recommended for those who like fashion.

Inspection, packaging, and reason for selling in two pieces

Because I want you to be happy

Cup inspection and cleaning
It's an imported product after all.
The same goes for furniture, but imported goods, no matter what's inside, are treated fairly roughly before they arrive all the way to Japan. While this glass came from France to Japan, it must have been transported by various people for a long time and stored in various environments.
When I first unpacked it, I was surprised at how much dust there was and how thin the package was. If you've been a buyer for many years, you might think that this happens often, but I feel a little sorry for selling this at oh.
Moreover, there are no individual boxes, the basic set is 6 pieces. I'm sure there are many people who don't need that much.
I think I wash them before I use them, but it's not pleasant to receive 6 glasses full of dust in a flimsy box. Actually, this is the reason why I was hesitant to sell it.

Inspection and cleaning
After much consideration, I decided to repack the two-piece set after inspection and cleaning.
It's different if you have a weekly house party, but if you're in a typical household, you probably don't need six. However, if you buy one piece at a time, the price will go up quite a bit due to the cost of materials and the amount of work.

Pack of 2 glass cups
So, I decided that selling a set of 2 would be just right.
Packaged in thick bubble wrap that provides more cushioning than putting them in a box.
I'm sure this is a product that will make you go "oh".

plenty of drinks

Things, photos, and daily life

Even when you want to drink a lot
It has a capacity of approximately 380ml when full, so if you feel like it, it can hold an entire can of beer.

After all, wine goes well with it too.
After all, it goes well with wine. Wine glasses with stems are nice, but if you're relaxing and drinking at home, this glass is also great.

swirling wine
Wine makes you want to twirl it around. It's called swirling, but this glass doesn't overflow, so you can easily swirl it around.

A cup that makes you want to polish it
Because it is highly transparent, it shines beautifully when polished. You can watch it even when it's empty.


“Useful for multiple uses, from water to wine”

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is drink a glass of water.
I've been repeating the same routine for decades. Compared to the time when I thought I was fine with a cup, I realized that I am much more picky about the taste of water. Even water tastes delicious for some reason. Make your coffee taste delicious with a goblet mug. If you look closely, they look a little similar.

So, if you like alcohol, why not use this glass?
Unfortunately, my body can't handle alcohol, but I've always liked to drink a little bit of expensive alcohol and go straight to bed . An economical and healthy way to enjoy. The only downside is that you can't drink outside.
This glass also comes in handy for drinking like that.
Prepare a chaser (water) that is about 10 times the amount of alcohol, and sip on single malt, craft gin, orange wine, or some daiginjo. From, Gab Gab (Wed). For the appetizer, I served a W20 oval plate with a small amount of nuts and cheese.
If your face turns bright red, it's a sign to go to bed.
The next morning, rinsing this glass with water that still has a slight alcoholic scent is the best.
Naturally, it also goes perfectly with iced coffee.


Regarding quality such as bubbles and scratches

May contain small air bubbles.

Small scratches may be visible. Items with small air bubbles or scratches of 1 mm or less are considered to be of good quality. Please be aware of this before considering.

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