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Water resistant for all everyday scenes

tuft pouch

tuft pouch

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Size/Width x Depth x Height Weight

Regular 16 x 10.5 x 10cm 24g
Plus M size 11 x 11 x 6cm 55g
*There may be slight individual differences.

Polyester PU coating
Genuine leather (zipper pull part)

made in Japan

Check before purchase

It is not completely waterproof.

Also great as a gift

oh package

oh's products are not packaged in excessive packaging, but also not too plain, and we aim to create packaging that feels like a treat for yourself.

The materials used are reusable wherever possible, and the design is such that it can also be used for auction packaging.
We offer earth-friendly packaging that will delight both those who purchase for themselves and those who receive it as a gift.
*For select products, the original packaging will take precedence.

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The charm of tuft pouch

A pouch that can make every day-to-day situation waterproof

Three standard colors of tuft pouch
For digital peripheral devices such as charging cables, getting them wet is strictly prohibited.
This pouch has a minimalist appearance, using water-resistant materials from the main material to the zipper. Actually, I don't see many pouches that can be used for both work and private purposes.
A branding-free design that does not include any logo embroidery, which is common with outdoor brands.

The matte texture of the tufted pouch
What is especially noteworthy is the feel of the material. If it's true, I'd like you to touch it before you buy it, but once you touch it, you'll be addicted to it. The matte and strong fabric has the suppleness of silicone, but is firm and crisp. (I'm sorry that it's difficult to convey in words, but if you touch it, you'll realize that's what it means.)

tufted pouch fabric
At oh, we have selected two sizes from the Tuft series that manager Wada has been using for several years. A gadget pouch that seems to exist, but is rare. Which do you prefer?

Thin type that can be stored in gaps or box type that can fit a lot

If you often use thin items, choose the tuft pouch as standard.

Tuft pouch plus M size 3 colors
A gussetless pouch that can be easily placed in your daily work bag. This standard size has a zipper in the middle, so you can see everything inside when you open the zipper. You can feel the commitment to a design that makes it easy to see what's inside . The shape of the pouch makes it easy to see the contents

The advantage of not having a gusset is that the storage capacity is slightly reduced, but the biggest advantage is that you can hold it vertically and fit it into any gap. In particular, it is recommended for people who often use suitcases because they can be squeezed tightly into the gaps between clothes, so it is actually recommended for people who always have a lot of luggage.

If you have a lot of cosmetics or three-dimensional items, try Tuft Pouch Plus.

The three-dimensional object is Tuft Pouch Plus M Soybeans
The box-shaped plus size is recommended for those who want to store work tools such as skin care products and stationery in their gadgets. Regular size often does not fit hair balm or small lotion bottles. The plus is that you can use it by standing it upright and folding the zipper part back. This is easy to use. You can easily see the contents and take them out without having to open the pouch each time.
Size of pouch M

Features that the regular size does not have are that it has a zipper pocket inside, and the rooms are separated by partitions, so if you have a lot of small items such as accessories, medicine, small stationery, etc., you can actually choose the plus size. may be recommended.

Water resistant so you don't have to worry about sudden rain or accidental accidents

Tuft pouch water resistance
The main feature of TOFT-tec, a new environmentally friendly material, is that it is resistant to water and scratches. The pouch maintains a certain firmness even when it is empty, and when it is full, it tries to keep the fabric as smooth as possible, so the pouch itself does not get bumpy. I have a pouch in front of me that I've used for 2 years, but there are no noticeable scratches and it feels sturdy enough to be used for many more years.

The matte texture of the tufted pouch
In addition, we have adopted a waterproof zipper that blocks water from entering through the zipper tape. Immediately after purchasing, I touched the waterproof zipper and thought it might be difficult to open, but then I realized that its hardness was actually a sign of peace of mind. Waterproof zippers are difficult to open.

(Please note that this pouch is not completely waterproof. There is a slight gap between the end of the zipper and the metal fittings. Therefore, please note that this pouch is not completely waterproof.)

How to use the tuft pouch

“My way of using the tuft pouch (the inside story)”

Have you ever seen this pouch? It was released about four years ago. In fact, the manufacturer of this pouch is aso, a brand that I have been involved in supervising for a long time. By the way, the concept of aso is "Would you like to update?"

aso sends this message: “The times seem to call for drastic changes, but what we need now is not change, but updating.Rather than being reborn as a completely new version of ourselves, we need to improve our version a little. "Rather than making big changes, enjoy the small evolutions every day. Isn't that more fun?"

Standard tuft pouch
I still agree with this idea. Analog products such as bags and pouches are not an industry that undergoes frequent updates like the digital world. However, our daily lives undergo subtle changes little by little every day. In an era where we are overflowing with things around us, we tend to pay attention to commercial newness, but aso instead discovers "small updates" that everyone else overlooks and continues to turn them into products. I am. Tuft pouch is one of them.

I started using the Tuft Pouch first with the Regular version. And now I use both. For everyday work, I use the regular size, a portable SSD, and two short cables. When I need power, I just put in a small AC adapter and the pouch is just full. Even though it's quite bulky, it remains thin and can easily fit into the gaps in a sling bag, so this is recommended for those who use small bags.
Tufted pouch that fits in the gap in the back

At first, I only used the regular one, but I ended up buying more because I couldn't fit things in the case with just this one. I mainly use the plus size size, which has a firm gusset, for business trips and travel. Sometimes I put in a complete set of digital products, I use them all together for cosmetics, and I use them separately for TPO. After all, it's dangerous to just throw a bottle of lotion into your suitcase. If you put it in a tuft pouch, you can prevent major accidents. in your luggage. Having a water-resistant space like this gives you a great sense of security. It's a small thing, but the tuft pouch is a product that makes you feel like you've updated yourself.

everyday photos

Things, photos, and daily life

The perfect pouch for alcohol tissues
Excellent performance for alcohol tissues. The waterproof zipper in the middle makes it easy to open and won't leave you with dry tissues.

Pouch with storage capacity
Gadgets for plus sizes. It can store more than you think.

A set of cosmetics in pouch M
This is what it looks like when you put in a set of cosmetics. If you're going to use either one, buy two. It doesn't matter how many pouches you have.

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